"We want to be a part of the hard, but ultimately successful journey to long term recovery!"
Addiction affects everyone and does not discriminate
Latest News
The 2016 Overdose Awareness Day and Memorial walk was an amazing but emotional day for a  lot of participants. Over 3,000 people came together to walk to remember a loved one that was lost to addiction, as well as  those still struggling with addiction.
Why We Started
Bridge to Recovery Foundation was originally started to raise awareness about the disease of addiction and overdose deaths in our communities. Early on, we recognized that there were some obvious gaps in the treatment process and a persons recovery journey that prevented them from being successful in their recovery. We are here to help bridge those gaps. 

Oftentimes, someone who is actively using and seeking treatment will go to an inpatient facility to start their treatment journey. Upon completion of this level of care, many will be referred to a recovery house or sober living home with the expectation of paying weekly rent and finding a job immediately to do so. It is widely recognized that the first 30 days out of a residential inpatient facility are the most vulnerable and they then have the additional stress of finding a job, paying rent, and of course maintaining their sobriety. Most people will start a job and the first paycheck isn't for two weeks. This will put them behind on rent and increase the stress about the possibility of being homeless. That's where this foundation can help.

We will provide a scholarship for the rent so you can focus on the most important thing, RECOVERY! In return, we ask that you let us check in on you to make sure you feel supported and are following your path to recovery in the most effective way. We will only be working with recovery houses that meet our standards and expectations. That way, the person has a better chance at success.

Bridge to Recovery Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 corporation